Tecumseh District Library-Community Survey 2021
Questions marked with a * are required
1.On average, how often do you visit the library? (must answer-select one)
2.What brings you to the library? (select all that apply)
3.What types of children's programs would you like to have the library offer? (select all that apply)
4.What types of Teen Programs would you like to have the library offer? (select all that apply)
5.What types of adult programs would you like to have the library offer? (select all that apply)
6.Which programming platform works best for you? (select one)
7.Which digital resources do you use? (select all that apply)
8.How often do you use the TDL website each month? (select one)
9.Do you find the TDL website to be user friendly?
Website rating
10.Do you follow TDL on social media?
11.Do our social media accounts keep you interested and updated?
Please explain:
12.Does our magazine/newspaper selection meet your interests and needs?
13.Suggestions for additional periodicals?
14.How often do you use the Memorial Garden in front of the library? (select one)
15.If there were more outdoor seating areas on the library grounds, would you use them?
16.Have you ever had difficulty finding a parking place when you've visited the library?
17.Is the signage in the library adequate?
If you answered "No", please explain:
18.How do you rate the following library services?
Customer Service
Collections (books, DVDs, periodicals...)
Programming (classes, presentations, story times...)
Online Services (website, catalog, research databases, TDL App, virtual programming)
ILL (Inter-library Loan, MelCat)
Library Policies
Computers & Printers
Internet Access and Parking Lot Wi-Fi
Notary Service
19.Are there areas of the collection you would like to see enhanced?
20.Do you have suggestions for Children's DVD purchases?
21.Overall, how do you rate the library?
Overall rating
22.How do you typically find out about library services and programs? (select all that apply)
23.How could the library or its services be improved?
24.In the library of your dreams, what is one feature you would wish for?
25.Do you have a library card? (must answer)
26.How old are you? (must answer)
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